Today, WAI, a leading manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution company of rotating electrical, ignition and engine management products, announced its expansion of Automotive Units.

WAI expanded their automotive units by introducing 108 automotive units which cover over 27 million vehicles in operation. The depth of coverage brands WAI as one of the largest suppliers of 100% new automotive coverage in North America. For a complete listing of these new products, please contact your WAI sales representative toll-free at 1.800.877.3340 or visit

WAI’s 100% new Automotive Units provide the automotive aftermarket ready to install quality Starters & Alternators guaranteed and tested to OEM specifications. Alternators are thoroughly tested for output current at idle and full-load RPMs. Starters provide RPM, torque, voltage and solenoid performance. Validation testing includes endurance, humidity, power thermal cycling, vibration, salt spray, and thermal shock.

Carlos Rodriguez, Global Product Manager, said: “WAI provides the best product at the best price. Our line of 100% new automotive starters and alternators are competitively priced to provide savings to you and your customers while delivering top quality.”